And do not be conformed to the image of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

<Jennifer> 7/20/2002 12:33:09 PM | Jennifer Webb]

I painted a house today and got to use cool saws. Big ones. And a nifty drill. It was hot. But fun. In a bizarre sense of the word "fun", but fun nevertheless. Much serious stuff I could say, but at the moment I'm much too tired to be serious, so let me just ask one question:
Why are Q-tips called Q-tips? The tip does not look like a Q. The entire thing does not look like a Q. What about Cotten ended sticks? Ear cleaners? How about i-tips? Or maybe L? They look sorta like a lowercase L. (had to differentiate there because on a keyboard little "L" and big "i" look exactly the same...)
Well, since you all have better things to be doing with your time than reading this, i'll sign off for now.

I like the word Shiskabob. Who came up with that? It's genious. Just say it. Shish-ka-bob. Shiskabob. It's ridicoulous. I like it.

Oh, and you might find this amusing ( I did). Mom and I are on ladders painting the trim outside today and I say. "Mom, i'm a quirky kid. Sometimes I don't understand why I have friends."
Mom, in her matter-of-fact way, replied, " Maybe your friends are all on crack too, Jen."
"Oh." I replied.
And that was that.

OH, and Em, you have a hack saw, right? Cause I now have a tool box with lots of cool stuff in it--including a drill--but I don't have any saws. What if we need to cut stuff? We'll be in big trouble.... </Jennifer> <!--2:38 PM-->

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

<Erin> Hey you all! Well, Em- I must say that I am very proud of you for all that you've done and stood against this summer. Your trip sounded completely amazing, but very trying. If there was anyone that could handle it, it's you, though!

My job is starting to get better, believe it or not. Right now I'm covered in paint, chidren's sweat, and beans (from lunch). The combination of all this isn't exactly the most pleasant aroma. That's the perks of the job, though! lol The kids are starting to mind a little better (knock on wood) or maybe I'm just getting used to the madness. I think it might be the latter, actually. Yesterday they told me I was finally beginning to act like a kid instead of an adult and I told them that's what happen when they're good. Hopefully that will be incentive for them.

On a more exciting note, though- my small group is finally starting! I had to talk to my youth pastor about it quite a few times, but he finally got around to announcing it and we're meeint tonight at 7. I'm more than pumped about this! I had about 12 girls that said they were really interested, so I was fairly blown away. We'll see how many actually, show. But even if just one does I would be excited. My goal is to get them to keep this going into the school year. These girls just really need to learn some accountability so that they can stay on track. But, if you read this before 7 Tuesday night, then say a prayer for us and I would much appreciate it!

God is doing good things, though... This summer has been wonderful for me and brought me closer to Him then I've felt for a long time. He's giving me some really cool opportunities and I'm thankful. I just pray that my fire will stay even when the emotions don't.

I am definitely ready for school! I even did some shopping this weekend for my room and all I can say is... Abby, our room is gonna be rock'n roll! lol Our whole hall is gonna be rock'n roll. We have way too many artsy people for it not to be. I can't wait to get back! Love you girls!

*erin </Erin> <!--12:15 PM-->

Friday, July 12, 2002

<Emily> Well guys, its been quite the summer. Seriously, I've had a blast- interning, Cambodia, Joshua, my friend Kate- but it has been sohard! Guys, I just wish I could explain how things have gone. You know how people talk about being intentional- being purposeful in everything they do? Well this is the first time in my life that I've had to do that. I've had to think about everything I've done- does it really serve a purpose and what is it? because- frankly I don't have the time to spend just messing around. I'm sure my life is not busier than yours, but I've had a hard time with the balancing act. I just keep looking at what Jen posted on June 6-you better look back bc its really good. Next week is Junior High Camp. That's really exciting, but the whole thing has been disappointing us so far- normally we have 50 or so kids- this year we have twenty-nine. So God is good with providing 29, but we don't know why things changed so much. And on a more practical note- we've had to change some things because of it. So pray for me this week- I've got a big slice of the pie when it comes to responsibility, which is fine, but I have some pretty needy campers and, quite frankly, some needy co-counselors. (One of which is Josh's sister, who's really immature, loud, melodramatic, and obnoxious. She does have quality strengths, but I just remember her counseling last year and I don't want a repeat). Anyway, God has taught me a lot this summer- I'm seeing Him in so many people and situations. The girl that I had confronted about her life is doing really really well. Praise the Lord- I thought she was gone. Well, He's doing a work in her heart that's pretty cool- and to think that He used me to kick her a little... I'm excited. Girls- when it comes to next year- I'm pumped. And- really excited to work with you. It oughtta be awesome. Well, I'm off to make up quiz questions for camp- think Dave Holmes dressed up like a wierdo officiating bible quizzing.... Love, Emily </Emily> <!--8:04 AM-->

Monday, July 08, 2002

<Erin> Hey kids! Sorry that it's been years since I've written! But, I was reading Galations 5 last night and verse 5 completely stuck out to me. "The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." This is something I'm really going to try and keep in mind- especially next year on the hall. It just hit me hard, because I was reminded once again that nothing that we do is seen as good in God's eyes unless it is done in unselfish love. Easier said than done, but it's going to be something for me to work on!

A quick update about work... The first week with the kids was sheer terror, but this today was a whole lot better. They were a little bit calmer and minded better. It gets fairly discouraging at times, but I'm really falling in love with these kids. I'm also going to start a small group with some of the girls from my church, so I'm very excited about that. We have tons planned, so I can't wait! Oh, and my brother heads out for Oklohoma tomorrow morning. Who knows when I'll see him again... pretty sad. Keep him in your prayers if you think about it, though. Basic isn't exactly a walk in the park.

Anyway... Jen Webb- you are the amazing one! You don't understand just how much I look up to you. I look up to all of you girls; you're lives challenge me in so many ways! I can't wait to see you again... still miss you guys tons! </Erin> <!--12:29 PM-->

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

<Jennifer> Erin, you are amazing. I can't believe I get to work with you next year.

Glad you're soaking up stuff you're learning. I am too. </Jennifer> <!--11:00 PM-->

Monday, June 17, 2002

<Erin> Hey girls!!! I'm back from camp and now experiencing TVR withdrawal. I was only able to be there 2 weeks, but they were both amazing. The first week was training and I became friends with the new staff and got closer to the old. Last week we had campers from Kannapolis, NC. It was only one church that came in and they had a group of about 130 or so. I worked with Pioneers again (yay!) which is 3rd-6th grade. Well, it's suppose to be 3rd - 6th, but I had a little girl as young as 4! My girls were absolutely amazing and I felt like a mom the entire week. We're with the kids 24/7, so it's kind of difficult to not become a mom. I loved it, though- I'm ready to be a mom anytime now! : ) God definitely blessed me with more patience than I've ever had; I was very thankful for it! Counseling can just get so draining- both physically and emotionally. God gave me energy throughout, though, and I think this was one of the best weeks at camp I've ever had.

The church is a Baptist church, but they would get caught up in their emotions a little too much. Four of my girls were saved last week and I was more than excited, but I do pray that they know what they did. It was just a little shady, because during PLOP (post lunch optimal-rest period) three of the four girls that were saved told me their testimonies. One girl told me that she was saved, but everytime there was an alter call, she would go get saved again just to make sure. After hearing that, I spent a lot of time talking about once saved, always saved. It's hard to explain in words, but sometimes the leaders (from the church, not TVR) would stress emotions way too much. I was excited, though, and I do think that the campers learned a lot and made some amazing decisions.

I got pretty battered and beat up with all the activities we did, but I loved every minute of it! We went tubing, creeking, went on the zipline, water slide, rapelling, hiking, and played tons of messy games. We did the rodeo one day and I got water and flour all up on me. Erin was a walking buscuit. lol... We also had the"slopperoo" one day and I got 5 cups of syrup, 4 cups of flour, eggs, and who knows how much shaving cream tossed on me. It was a blast!!! Needless to say, I miss TVR like mad and the campers even more. I would really love to work there full time after I graduate. They make close to nothing, but it's the most rewarding job out there I think.

Today I had my first training session for Energy Express. I'm getting more excited about it since it's getting closer. I'm still a little nervous, but I think it will turn out wonderful. Let's just hope God still gives me patience! : ) Tonight I have to contact parents and find out about the kids I'll have in my class. I feel like an elementary teacher... we had so many elementary art things to work with today! I have to think of a theme for my room to decorate, so feel free to give me some ideas. I'm thinking about doing an outerspace theme, just so I can hang stars. I just want my room to be rock'n roll. : )

But, God has definitely blessed me these past two weeks. He's put a fire back in my heart and I am so thankful for that... I feel like I was in a valley for quite a while and I'm finally breaking out of it. Valleys aren't bad, though- valleys are much greener than mountains! It's just nice to have the mountaintop experience every now and then. I've been dealing with a whole lot of stuff and it's good to realize things and get them out. God is good for His patience with me.

I wasn't able to get on the internet while I was there, but the lessons were a blessing to me! I'll try to log down my notes real soon. I really miss you girls... it feels like we've been out of school forever and I know I'll be ready to go back when the times comes. I'm so excited for all that God has in store for us next year! For now, though, I'm trying to focus on this summer. Teaching will be a huge part of my life and the rest will probably consist of working with my youth group. Jen- I really agreed with what you said about "today." I get way too caught up in the future and forget to think about what's going on in the here and now. My walk with God is a day by day process and it's impossible to try and take it any other way. I hope all of you are doing wonderful!
Love you guys,
*erin </Erin> <!--1:54 PM-->

Thursday, June 06, 2002

<Jennifer> I feel so introspective tonight
Thinking ahead about my final hindsight
Did I make every moment count?

So many thoughts fill up my mind

Will the works I've accomplished be worthy of heaven?
What will I think looking back?
What was gold and what was dross
What was gain and what was loss
What was gain and what was fleeting

And what will I change while my heart's still beating </Jennifer> <!--9:00 PM-->

<Emily> Hi girls. I write this with a heavy heart that still rejoices. Last night I had one of the toughest conversations of my life. I was talking to a girl in the youth group and I just laid it out what God had been doing in my life and how I thought basically she was being a punk and that I loved her and that I wanted to see her in a right relationship with God. It was so much more than that, and huge, and she told me "Emily, I know what you are saying is true, but I don't want to admit it. I don't want to give up what I have." Wow. She told me she's having sex and drinking. So, I think I did and said what God wanted me to last night, which feels good, even though she didn't come around right away. We're getting together later so I think things are in process. It's just tough. So I rejoice in the fact that I think I handled the conversation well and with love and we are still on very good terms. I'm just bummed that my girl is running away from God. </Emily> <!--10:36 AM-->


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